The Delicate Derision


Through the progressing, or should I say, immaturing of culture, we have lost sight of what marriage means. Being married is literally the single most important decision you will EVER make besides choosing salvation through Christ. How can we let anything get in the way of something that is literally a religious sacrament? You worship the Creator of All Things by honoring your husband. And wives, do you realize your place of esteem granted to you by God, Himself? During Creation, each day, each creation was increasingly more important, more precious to God. I pray of you, what was the final creation? WOMAN.

Now how could such a detail be so significant? When Jesus was made man in accordance to the Scripture, the only one person who existed throughout all of time would mix bloodlines with the Living God is, but a woman, the final creation. Joseph was, a mere stepfather.

Establishing the importance of women is just a parlay into the mystery of marriage. God has commanded your husband to love and honor you as Christ loves His church. Do you know that means to lay down his very life? Both figuratively and literally. He must put your wellness ahead of even his own. He must depart from all selfishness and in his every action and thought honor you. God is in every moment, every depth, every secret thought, GOD IS THERE. He will keep your husband accountable. There is no keeping secrets from the Almighty. He has commanded your HUSBAND to leave his family and cleave to you. You are FIRST (after the Godhead) before all things this world possesses. So very, very precious. And if the occasion, God forbid, arises, he must lay down his physical life to preserve yours.

How DARE we as woman believe it is beneath us to SUBMIT (I said it) to our husbands! How dare we think we have advanced (read, sank into depravity) as a society to the point of abject callousness in this regard. That man you uttered those tear-jerking vows to so many years ago, will die for you. Do you not believe that omniscient, omnipotent God will bring all things together for good for those who love God? He is in charge of all, and your husband is in charge of YOU. Upon Biblical judgment, God will ask your husband about the spiritual welfare of you and children. Will you shame him, on the most important of all occasions, by MAKING him say, “I tried to exercise my role as a spiritual husband but was rebuked. I wasted my chance.” No ladies, we won’t.

We will edify him and allow him to attain glory and grace. How could we withhold such treasure? Do we not love our husbands?

Taking all that into mind, why is culture specifically guiding us away from this? Why take such a treasured command and make it a point of jest? When you are your husband’s heart’s desire, more precious than valuable rubies, this meager return seems not monumental ENOUGH to repay the task he undertook on your wedding day.

Preachers, priests, generalized holy men skirt around this lesson, just focusing on your husband honoring you. Weddings even remove the “S” word, egads SUBMIT, from vows. For shame! The blessing you will reap for following God’s instruction far surpasses the deriding commentary from misguided females. Honor God, honor your husband, love your children, and if need be let the world burn behind you. Don’t become the philosophical pillar of salt.


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